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August 3 – time to celebrate

Sunday, 14. July 2013 by Patrick Flynn

Longer term residents of our fair community know I come by my interest in local affairs honestly – I grew up immersed in them.  I have no idea how many dozens of gallons of ice cream I served at birthday parties for my mother, whose path into public service I dutifully, but futilely, tried to resist.


Impending electoral aftermath

Thursday, 29. March 2012 by Patrick Flynn

As faithful readers know, this coming Tuesday (April 3) features our municipal election.  What some may not know is that, even though there are no Assembly seats at stake (“only” the mayor’s office, three school board seats and various ballot propositions are up for consideration), the Assembly will reorganize at our April 17 meeting.


A quiet evening

Monday, 12. September 2011 by Patrick Flynn

Tomorrow evening’s (September 13) Assembly meeting is shaping up to be relatively quiet.  The agenda, while somewhat long, has a fairly small number of measures likely to draw much attention.  That, and at least three Assembly members are slated to be out of town with one beyond cellular range.


On the corner, again (update)

Monday, 25. July 2011 by Patrick Flynn

For those who might be considering a visit to tomorrow evening’s Assembly meeting with the intent of voicing your opinion about the administration’s sidewalk ordinance, you may be interested to know the administration now intends to ask the Assembly not to act on the matter.  The plan, I am told, is to send the measure to the Public Safety Advisory Commission for further review.



Sunday, 24. April 2011 by Patrick Flynn

Tomorrow morning Assembly committees will be officially announced, though slightly differently than what Assembly members learned Friday night.  Here’s what we heard then:


Leadership shuffling

Sunday, 17. April 2011 by Patrick Flynn

As regular readers know, earlier this month I offered my best guess as to the expected results of the Assembly’s upcoming leadership elections – wrong again, it seems, was I.


Next steps

Wednesday, 06. April 2011 by Patrick Flynn

Thank you very much to my friends and neighbors who made my re-election campaign a success!  Your generous support means a great deal to me and I’ll do my best to meet your expectations.  In the meantime, you may be asking what’s next for the Assembly so here’s the scoop:


A different kind of APP

Sunday, 03. April 2011 by Patrick Flynn

One of the things I enjoy about serving on the Assembly is the direct interface between those of us who make decisions and those whom those decisions impact.  Local governance truly is where the rubber meets the road, and we witness the effect of our actions every day.  Given that, I was intrigued by the following opportunity:


First and (a) long (meeting)

Tuesday, 01. February 2011 by Patrick Flynn

Tonight, February 1, promises a long evening at Assembly chambers as we’ve got a pile of work in front of us, much of it related to what should appear on the April 5 ballot.  Here’s a sampling (the whole agenda is here):

Holiday chores

Tuesday, 14. December 2010 by Patrick Flynn

This evening’s Assembly meeting should be mercifully brief as the only items to consider are on the consent agenda, meaning they are either relatively minor or  substantive matters are only for introduction with discussion and debate scheduled to occur at a future meeting.  And, after that, the Assembly essentially takes a hiatus until after the first of the year.  That doesn’t mean we won’t be working, and I have a couple projects that’ll keep me busy.




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