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To kneel or not to kneel?

Sunday, 25. September 2016 by Patrick Flynn

I read an interesting opinion piece in the paper this morning, which posited that a white NFL player taking a knee during the national anthem would be an important step in advancing the conversation begun by Colin Kaepernick.


Little library

Wednesday, 06. January 2016 by Patrick Flynn

My family and I received a “little library” for Christmas. If you’ve never heard of such a thing here’s a description: (more…)

A hazy future?

Wednesday, 19. August 2015 by Patrick Flynn

So many questions, so little time, but probably appropriate to give more thought to local regulation of legal marijuana, approved by Alaska voters last November.


Unnecessary blight

Wednesday, 24. June 2015 by Patrick Flynn

I give up. As a downtown business person, the downtown representative to the Anchorage Assembly and an ex-officio member of the Anchorage Downtown Partnership board I, along with many others, have tried every conceivable avenue to try and convince the ownership of Phyllis’s Café & Salmon Bake to clean up the embarrassing mess at the corner of 5th Avenue & D Street.


Air dreams

Saturday, 20. June 2015 by Patrick Flynn

I’ve received more than a few communications regarding the proposed airport land swap that would de-designate Point Woronzof area parkland in exchange for other DOT-owned land and a 25-year lease for a snow dump facility. While I try to avoid speaking ill of others, this proposal appears to be an example of typical 800-pound gorilla intransigence and embarrassingly weak municipal negotiation skills.


Tech talk

Thursday, 11. June 2015 by Patrick Flynn

I’m not one for forwarding “interesting” e-mails, links and the like, but a recent note caught my eye.  It calls for some technological knowledge to test new applications that might prove beneficial to our neighbors.  Suffice it to say, this isn’t my bailiwick – I have a smart phone and don’t really like it except that it allows me to keep track of my calendar & e-mail.  So, for those of you with a more tech-savvy bent, here’s something upon which I’d appreciate your feedback: (more…)

Valley of the Moon update

Wednesday, 26. March 2014 by Patrick Flynn

Frequent visitors to, and neighbors of, Valley of the Moon park know it to be among the more popular in Anchorage.  Summer evenings find any number of activities with adjacent streets overflowing with parked cars.  That fact, and some interest in converting the ball field into a dog park, recently led to formation of an advisory group to address the next steps in park development.  You can follow their deliberations, and provide input, here.


Title 21 Terminus

Tuesday, 15. January 2013 by Patrick Flynn

Last week I picked up my massive binders containing the almost-final version of the Title 21 re-write.  Assembly approval is one of the few major tasks facing us this spring so I’m slogging through it and will wrestle over inevitable final amendments but, in the end, I doubt I’ll vote for the darn thing.  My problem with this work product which, depending on your point of view, may or may not be a worthy one, is the process by which it was arrived at. 


Neighborhood challenge!

Sunday, 16. December 2012 by Patrick Flynn

I know, the holidays are here, you’re either receiving or visiting family and the last thing in the world you could possibly need is something else to do, right?  But this one’s kind of fun – here’s how my neighbor put it (as slightly abridged by yours truly):


Corrective action?

Sunday, 02. December 2012 by Patrick Flynn

Everyone makes mistakes.  Indeed, if humans were on some sort of mistake quota system I’d likely be cadging ducats from friends in order to keep myself within limits.  And I’ll let someone else tell you about the “negative example” marketing plan once proffered on my behalf.  But the important thing about making mistakes is learning from them and doing better the next time.




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