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A call to roads, trails, buses and more!

Wednesday, 23. September 2015 by Patrick Flynn

Alright fellow transportation geeks, you say you want to influence the direction of transportation projects in our community?  Here’s your chance:


Air dreams

Saturday, 20. June 2015 by Patrick Flynn

I’ve received more than a few communications regarding the proposed airport land swap that would de-designate Point Woronzof area parkland in exchange for other DOT-owned land and a 25-year lease for a snow dump facility. While I try to avoid speaking ill of others, this proposal appears to be an example of typical 800-pound gorilla intransigence and embarrassingly weak municipal negotiation skills.


Fast trains

Monday, 15. June 2015 by Patrick Flynn

I happened to have occasion to travel overseas recently and, serendipitously, my sons found seats directly behind the engineer’s cab on an ICE train.  So, for my railfan friends, here are a few observations: (more…)

MTP done (for now)

Saturday, 12. May 2012 by Patrick Flynn

I’ve been so immersed in the work related to finalizing Anchorage’s new Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP), which replaces the former Long Range Transportation Plan, that it took a question from a Fairview friend to remind me I hadn’t provided a recent update.  Oops!  So, operating on the better-late-than-never theory, here’s what’s up.


Firewall doused?

Sunday, 22. January 2012 by Patrick Flynn

It was fascinating to read a recent article regarding funding for KABATA, the state-sanctioned organization committed to building a Knik Arm Crossing without regard for its effects – financial, traffic or otherwise – on Southcentral Alaska.  Even those who might be expected to tout development at any cost, like the Anchorage Daily Planet, are casting doubts.  But what’s most interesting to me is the dichotomy between various representatives of our governor.


Hard aport

Wednesday, 28. December 2011 by Patrick Flynn

I’m not enjoying writing this in mid-November, in advance of events I expect to occur prior to my posting it, but I’m not sure I can avoid writing it, either.  When I do publish this it will be on the heels of an announcement that Governor Sheffield is no longer Director of the Port of Anchorage, perhaps assuming a post like congressional liaison, but resigned from the post he’s held since the Wuerch administration. (more…)

A taxi question

Saturday, 01. October 2011 by Patrick Flynn

I’ve received a few questions, and more than a few compliments, for being the lone vote against the now infamous taxi cab ordinance.  To offer some perspective on this topic, below is a lightly-edited exchange I had with a gentleman who contacted me via Facebook and posted on my blog (please note I’ve removed his name to protect his privacy):


More MTP/LRTP info

Wednesday, 28. September 2011 by Patrick Flynn

At a 1 pm meeting tomorrow (Thursday, September 29) I expect the AMATS policy committee to release the draft Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) for public comment.  For those who aren’t transportation wonks, it might help to learn the MTP is the guide for allocation of federal, state and local dollars and will replace the existing Long Range Transportation Plan.  Here’s a story from the local paper that provides some insight.


A moving bridge

Sunday, 18. September 2011 by Patrick Flynn

I received an interesting e-mail last week, here’s how it read:


Our office has moved. Our new address is 820 East 15th Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501. Please update your records to reflect the new address.

Thank you,

Amanda True

Knik Arm Bridge and Toll Authority


LRTP update

Tuesday, 30. August 2011 by Patrick Flynn

For those steeped in transportation planning, news that Anchorage’s Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) is undergoing an update is old hat.  The rest of the world population can be forgiven for wondering what that means.




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