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First and (a) long (meeting)

Tonight, February 1, promises a long evening at Assembly chambers as we’ve got a pile of work in front of us, much of it related to what should appear on the April 5 ballot.  Here’s a sampling (the whole agenda is here):

  • School bonds including: Service High School Renewal (primarily the theater, a project that has quickly gained both proponents and detractors); Design Projects, Education Capital Improvements and Facility Building Life Extension Projects (things that help schools last longer); and Career, Technical and Vocational Facility Education Upgrades (improved facilities for educating those who may not be heading off to college right away).
  • 2011’s version of the ever-popular road bonds.
  • A parks & recreation bond.
  • Public safety and transit bond.
  • Fire and Police bonds.
  • A proposal requiring voter approval that would extend the disabled veteran’s tax property tax exemption (up to $150,000 of assessed value) to their widow or widower under the age of 60.
  • The proposal for an advisory vote on 100% identification check at package stores (readers already know how I feel about that one).
  • Finally, a charter amendment regarding tax cap calculations.

All that, and our usual slate of municipal business.

I suspect the lion’s share of testimony will focus on the school bonds, especially from parents and students at the various schools included on those bonds.  I’ve heard from a bunch already, including some who want to see the Service High bond rolled in with some of the others in order to improve its odds of approval.  Unfortunately for those folks, it’s my understanding that the way the school bond ordinances are titled makes it impossible for the Assembly to add projects to them, though we can delete projects from them.

By the end of the evening I expect each of the bond proposals to pass, though not necessarily unanimously, thereby giving voters the chance to decide on their ultimate fate.



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  1. Pat
    Thanks for the info. Can you provide some info regarding the 2010 fiscal picture. Is there a surplus? A deficit? How did we finish the year off?

    Comment: curious – 01. February 2011 @ 12:50 pm

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