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August 3 – time to celebrate

Longer term residents of our fair community know I come by my interest in local affairs honestly – I grew up immersed in them.  I have no idea how many dozens of gallons of ice cream I served at birthday parties for my mother, whose path into public service I dutifully, but futilely, tried to resist.

I recall any number of local, state and federal activists coming by for a hot dog, a piece of cake, some ice cream and libations.  Like many traditions mom’s birthday parties are no longer part of the neighborhood routine, until now.  Saturday, August 3, marks the 70th anniversary of her embarkation on a remarkable journey.  (Her mother, my grandmother, informed me she caused a ruckus on day one so some things haven’t changed!)

So we’ll do it again.  Same place, 918 R Street.  Same time, 4 pm – 8pm. Same fare.  And many, many friends, both old and new.  See you then!


P.S. No gifts, please.  If you’re so compulsive you can’t possibly resist then please make a contribution to your favorite charity in mom’s name.  Thank you for respecting her wishes.

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