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A quiet evening

Tomorrow evening’s (September 13) Assembly meeting is shaping up to be relatively quiet.  The agenda, while somewhat long, has a fairly small number of measures likely to draw much attention.  That, and at least three Assembly members are slated to be out of town with one beyond cellular range.

One proposal that’s received some coverage would prohibit those charged with certain crimes from operating a taxi cab.  Last week the Public Safety Advisory Commission asked for the opportunity to review this legislation and it appears likely that request will be granted, thus reducing the likelihood of extensive discussion.

A second administration ordinance aimed at amending the city’s personnel rules is also on the agenda.  As with the first, it seems the administration hasn’t bothered to circulate the proposed changes and solicit feedback from those affected (non-represented employees) so, as with the first, I’m unlikely to be in favor.  If so, that may prove a fiscally prudent position since some folks believe one of the changes might result in increases to APD’s overtime budget.

The quiet won’t last long, though, as the administration’s proposed 2012 budget is slated for release next month.  Then things will really get rolling.



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  1. Patrick, on the consent agenda of the planning and zoning commission is the abrogation of responsibility for Fairview lions park. The hearing is “non-public” as allowed under the inebriate housing ordinance you wrote, however the documentation backing up the issue has been classified as confidential and is not available to the public. Karluk manor was granted a waiver from the 500′ distance from parks, and RurAL Cap suggested that they video monitor the park as part of their variance, however they now are asking that the condition to video the park be removed. They should not be allowed to abrogate their responsibility for Fairview lions park. This will represent an expense to be borne by the community.

    Comment: S J Klein – 01. December 2011 @ 7:55 pm

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