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Equal rights Q&A

Friday, 29. May 2009 by Patrick Flynn

As those who follow the news are aware, there is now an organized campaign against the proposed ordinance that would grant equal rights to gay and lesbian residents of Anchorage.  As I’ve stated before, I expect those with whom I disagree to do so based on their personal beliefs and I consider it inappropriate to belittle or condemn their points of view.  Their concerns do deserve answers, however, so here’s a start:


First inning results

Tuesday, 26. May 2009 by Patrick Flynn

Thanks to everyone who took the time to play a round of Assembly Insider Baseball!  I really enjoyed the responses, both from those who made their best guesses and those who simply liked the trivia while awaiting the answers.  Perhaps my favorite line came from a local media figure who actually covers the Assembly from time to time: (more…)

Insider baseball, first inning

Monday, 18. May 2009 by Patrick Flynn

It’s time to play the first, but likely not last, edition of “Assembly insider baseball” – your chance to test your knowledge of the little details that may, or may not, have any bearing on municipal governance.  This quiz is a simple one, simply match the factoid with the member! (more…)

…and justice for all

Sunday, 10. May 2009 by Patrick Flynn

At the next Assembly meeting (May 12) an ordinance will be introduced that would bar discrimination based upon sexual orientation or veteran’s status.  This change, which is consistent with Anchorage’s long history of social justice, would prevent:

“discrimination in the sale or rental of real property, financing practices, employment practices, public accommodations, educational institutions, and practices of the municipality, based upon…sexual orientation or veteran’s status.”




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