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First inning results

Thanks to everyone who took the time to play a round of Assembly Insider Baseball!  I really enjoyed the responses, both from those who made their best guesses and those who simply liked the trivia while awaiting the answers.  Perhaps my favorite line came from a local media figure who actually covers the Assembly from time to time:

I couldn’t resist your Assembly Insider Baseball quiz.  Here are my answers…[actual answers withheld to protect the innocent].  Thanks for the highlight of my day.  Maybe that says something about the content of my day…hah!

Both that local media figure and an Assembly aide (I won’t say for whom said aide works, again protecting the innocent) took the early lead by correctly answering 7 of the 11 factoids.  (Actually, I told both of them they only got 6 of 10, since number 11 was too easy, but I digress.)  Later, however, an MOA employee who has the misfortune of spending far too much of their day dealing with various Assembly members managed to get eight correct answers.  I think everyone would have done better had I not included number 4, the bit about the brass instrument.  I blame the Alaska Ear for that, the distraction proved too much for our contestants.  So, without further ado, here are the real answers:

  1. Dan Coffey.  Needless to say, Dan isn’t so enamored with the IBEW these days.
  2. Harriet Drummond.  For an entertaining story, asked Harriet about “firing” ACVB as a client.
  3. Chris Birch.  Apparently Chris didn’t learn his lesson in the Golden Heart city.
  4. Mike Guttierez.  Surprised?  I expect so as no one got this right.  Mike made his confession while holding his trumpet (at least, I think it was a trumpet, I only played the piano) during a candidate forum with the Anchorage arts community last spring.  It was pretty funny, but tough to follow.
  5. Jennifer Johnston.  Everyone got this one, I guess Jennifer exudes not only a desire for double-sided copies to save paper, but also a relentless affinity for the outdoors.
  6. Sheila Selkregg.  The “insiders” who guessed all nailed this one as they’ve followed the career of ADN’s newest columnist, Julia O’Malley, for years.  Julia, of course, is Sheila’s daughter (and my constituent).
  7. Matt Claman.  No one figured this one out, likely because the contribution occurred during the primary when Matt donated to Gabrielle LeDoux.  It’s my understanding that Matt & former state Representative LeDoux worked extensively together during their legal careers and, parenthetically, she donated to his Assembly campaigns.
  8. Bill Starr.  Another poser for respondents.  Bill took over operations of the then-financially troubled ski area and, based on his comments to me, really enjoyed the opportunity.
  9. Debbie Ossiander.  Debbie told us her daughter was participating and that she watched the marathon‘s web site to track her daughter’s progress, but we had to read the results in the paper to find out just how well she did!
  10. Elvi Gray-Jackson.  When the Assembly, which is generally supportive of public transportation, discusses bus-related issues Elvi has the unique perspective of having used the People Mover more than the rest of us combined (I think).  And, she was once married to a People Mover employee.
  11. Yours truly.  Questionable value?  Perhaps, but I appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts with you and the feedback you provide.

I expect it’ll be a while until I publish the second inning of “Assembly Insider Baseball” so, during the commercial break, feel free to offer ideas for the next round!



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