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Insider baseball, first inning

It’s time to play the first, but likely not last, edition of “Assembly insider baseball” – your chance to test your knowledge of the little details that may, or may not, have any bearing on municipal governance.  This quiz is a simple one, simply match the factoid with the member!


I offer no apologies if the clues appear to point to more than one Assembly member, that’s part of the fun.  And no links here, the clues make it too easy already!

  1. As a youth, played for an IBEW-sponsored little league team.
  2. Used to design and oversee printing of the Anchorage Conventions & Visitors Bureau visitor’s guide
  3. Was once a member of the Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly.
  4. Once confessed to a long-lost relationship with a brass instrument (used to play a lot, doesn’t much now).
  5. Has scaled Mount McKinley.
  6. Is related to a prominent employee of the Anchorage Daily News (bonus points if you can name the employee and the relationship).
  7. Crossed party lines in their donation to a 2008 Alaska congressional candidate.
  8. Learned to operate a Snow-Cat at the same location where I learned to ski (Arctic Valley).
  9. Is related to the fastest Alaskan female finisher of the 2009 Boston Marathon.
  10. Was once married to a bus driver.
  11. Publishes blog entries of questionable utility.

I’ve included all eleven members, including Acting Mayor Claman, and will publish the answers next week.  Best of luck!





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  1. guesses:

    11: Patrick Flynn
    5: Claman
    7: Coffey
    6: Sheila, obviously, with Julia
    3: Chris Birch
    9: Johnston
    10: Was Elstun once a bus driver?

    and i’m lost on the rest. but i know #11 for sure…

    Comment: Brendan Joel Kelley – 21. May 2009 @ 12:36 pm

  2. 1. Mike G
    2. Harriet
    3. Birch
    4. starr
    5. claman
    6. Sheila (Julia)
    7, coffey
    8. Debbie
    9. Johnston
    10. Elvi
    11. Flynn

    I hope I guessed right. I have no idea on most of them.

    Comment: Jillanne – 23. May 2009 @ 7:24 pm

  3. Wanted to pose two quick questions. Do you have any real life statistics of gays or lesbians here in Anchorage who have been denied loans, jobs or places to live based on their sexual orientation ? and Do you believe that the owners of Mad Myrna’s, a gay bar downtown, should have the right to refuse to hire someone who applies for a bartender job if they walk into the interview with an “Exodus International” or “Love Won Out” t-shirt on ? Both of these groups are ministries that work with gay,lesbian and transgendered people who are trying to move away from a lifestyle they are no longer comfortable with. Hope to hear back from you.

    Jim Minnery – President
    Alaska Family Council

    Comment: Jim Minnery – 26. May 2009 @ 2:29 pm

  4. Mr. Minnery asks some good questions. Responses are in another post located at:


    Patrick Flynn

    Comment: pf – 30. May 2009 @ 1:45 pm

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