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One small step

Friday, 23. September 2011 by Patrick Flynn

Despite the fact that I’m the only Anchorage municipal official to maintain a blog (as far as I know) I am not known for quick adaptations to new technology.  I once had a Blackberry but didn’t like it much, our family computer is laughably old and my wife maintains the mp3 player in our home.  Yes, my nieces and nephews tease me about this and, some day, my kids probably will too.



Thursday, 30. June 2011 by Patrick Flynn

An administration proposal to eliminate a few municipal boards and commissions and set “sunset dates” for most of those remaining raised some hackles this week.  And while I ultimately decided not to support the legislation, its passage isn’t as bad as some might think.


Where’s the chief?

Wednesday, 22. June 2011 by Patrick Flynn

If you haven’t done so already, or perhaps even if you have, please read through yesterday’s article about fire code restrictions leading to the cancellation of a concert at The Dome and contemplate whether anything about it strikes you as just a little bit odd.  After that, read on…


Fourth inning results

Thursday, 07. April 2011 by Patrick Flynn

Alright insiders, with the election over at long last I’m happy to present the results of our latest edition of Assembly insider baseball.  And kudos to the participant who correctly answered 10 of the 12 questions (11 of 13, if you include the two-parter)!  Here goes:

  1. (more…)

Insider baseball, fourth inning

Wednesday, 16. February 2011 by Patrick Flynn

It’s that time again folks, time for another round of insider trivia meant to challenge even the most dedicated Assembly watchers!  (Which raises the question; who, precisely, watches the Assembly?  Ah well, we’ll ponder that topic another day…)  In honor of the pending election season, and in an effort to make this edition a little more interesting, we’ll mix in facts about a couple candidates for the Assembly.  As always, any errors or apparent duplication is my responsibility and your burden through which to puzzle, so best of luck figuring out who matches the following characteristics.  Here goes:

  1. (more…)

Hall-ing a heavy load

Tuesday, 11. January 2011 by Patrick Flynn

If you’re among those wondering about the repercussions faced by Anchorage Fire Department Chief Mark Hall for his most recent transgressions, you likely know that the Assembly met with senior administration officials in executive session on Friday, January 7, to discuss the issue.  Executive sessions are, by law, confidential, as are many other personnel-related matters so I can’t provide any information we learned.  That said, I share the feelings of frustration expressed by many.


Odds & ends, more again

Sunday, 19. September 2010 by Patrick Flynn

Yes, I know, it’s been a while since my last post.  I’ve been pretty busy, though, so here’s an update as to what’s been going on:

Next Port committee meeting:

It took a while to coordinate all the schedules but the Port committee is slated to re-convene on Thursday, October 14, at 9 am in City Hall, room 155.  For a preview of the agenda see my last post on this issue.


Farewell, Mr. Jones

Tuesday, 17. August 2010 by Patrick Flynn

Last week I heard through the grapevine that Greg Jones, who serves as Executive Director of the Office of Community Planning and Development, had tendered his resignation.  Following our Friday work session I sought him out and confirmed the bad news – he’s on his way out.



Friday, 13. August 2010 by Patrick Flynn

Like all Alaskans I was deeply saddened to learn of Monday’s plane crash that claimed five lives and injured four others.  Many residents of the Last Frontier, myself included, fly throughout Alaska in aircraft large and small so each accident reminds us of the risks we accept as part of our lives.  That doesn’t make the loss of life easier to bear.


Summer break

Sunday, 01. August 2010 by Patrick Flynn

Despite what you may have experienced recently, it is summer so I’m going to take a few days and enjoy it.  Once I’m back, and recovered (breaks can be hard work) I’ll get more information posted.  In the meantime, enjoy your break from my missives!





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