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Insider baseball, fourth inning

It’s that time again folks, time for another round of insider trivia meant to challenge even the most dedicated Assembly watchers!  (Which raises the question; who, precisely, watches the Assembly?  Ah well, we’ll ponder that topic another day…)  In honor of the pending election season, and in an effort to make this edition a little more interesting, we’ll mix in facts about a couple candidates for the Assembly.  As always, any errors or apparent duplication is my responsibility and your burden through which to puzzle, so best of luck figuring out who matches the following characteristics.  Here goes:

  1. According to my sources, this person doesn’t like pizza!  (I know, I find it hard to believe, too.)
  2. This individual is the only nominee for a municipal board or commission the Assembly has rejected during my tenure on the body.
  3. Another individual recently purchased some land adjacent to the Susitna River.
  4. One Assembly member (or would-be member) has a daughter working in Norway.
  5. Via a family connection, according to another source, someone you know (or know of) owns a unit in the Wailea Beach Villas on Maui.
  6. Somehow, and it’s not clear how, this individual survived a class or two at Alaska Pacific University with yours truly as a classmate (good news; the facial tic appears to have subsided).
  7. A medical office building under construction in the southern portion of the U-Med district includes an Assembly member (or would-be member) as part of the ownership/development team.  Sadly, over the winter the building was hit by thieves who absconded with wiring valued in the tens of thousands of dollars.
  8. (This one’s a two-part question and, as a hint, both answers are current Assembly members.)  Which Assembly member reportedly sent a digital photo of his- or herself on the beach with their packet shortly before an Assembly meeting where the sender participated telephonically, thereby causing an Assembly member receiving said photo to introduce an ordinance restricting telephonic participation in Assembly meetings?
  9. As we muddle through issues related to the Port of Anchorage, one of my colleagues (or would-be colleagues) is the frequent recipient of rumors endemic to the dockside community due to a relative who works there.
  10. I’m sure everyone knows who held a New Year’s Eve fundraiser at Sugarspoon, one of Spenard’s newer landmarks, right?
  11. A new South Anchorage eatery, still in the planning stages, has attracted the interest of at least one Assembly member (or would-be member) as a potential investment.
  12. As an NPR listener I don’t hear the traffic updates featuring the voice of an Assembly member (or would-be member) broadcast on various commercial radio stations, perhaps you have?

There you have it.  And, in fairness to those vying for Assembly seats, I’ll withhold publication of answers until after the April 5 election.  Send your guesses any time and good luck!



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  1. Either these are too hard or I’m out of touch.

    Comment: hf – 17. February 2011 @ 11:50 am

  2. […] with the election over at long last I’m happy to present the results of our latest edition of Assembly insider baseball.  And kudos to the participant who correctly answered 10 of the 12 questions (11 of 13, if you […]

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