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Areawide recycling passes

The road to increased recycling in Anchorage proved a little longer than expected, but Tuesday night the Assembly passed an areawide recycling ordinance that will implement recycling in schools, public buildings and, for much of Anchorage, at curbsides.  Here’s a quick review of how we got from there to here:

At our May 6 meeting the Assembly passed an ordinance for curbside recycling for muncipality-owned Solid Waster Services customers.  Questions about an areawide ordinance led to a vote to delay consideration until August 19, which I supported.  The following day I gave notice of reconsideration of that vote (something a member can only do if they are on the prevailing side).  Meanwhile, representatives of the administration, the Assembly and School District worked to finalize a series of details.

On May 20 the Assembly rescinded the delayed consideration and instead pledged to take up the matter at the June 10 meeting.  Work between the various parties continued.

Monday, June 9, Alaska Waste, which provides curbside service to about 80% of the Anchorage Bowl, announced a dramatic increase in its curbside recycling program.  That night, the Anchorage School Board approved their part of the plan.

With those pieces in place, the Assembly passed an amended areawide ordinance on June 10.  A final clean-up ordinance will be considered on June 24 and the programs can move forward from there.

I’ve heard from a lot of folks about this issue and appreciate their patience as we’ve worked through the details.  I know it was frustrating at times, but I’m very pleased we ultimately achieved a nearly-unanimous vote of the Assembly.  I’ve also heard from folks concerned about composting.  We’re working on several options and, in the meantime, woody debris can be delivered to the Anchorage Soil & Water District‘s wood lot and Evergreen Nursery is accepting some other compost materials.



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