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I/M testing’s return?

As the entire local blogosphere is surely aware, the planned termination of Anchorage’s I/M testing program would be indefinitely forestalled if an ordinance sponsored by Matt Claman passes.  As he’s collected four co-sponsors and I am inclined to support the proposal the odds favor continuity of the program, though the proposal would adopt a number of program changes recommended by the I/M task force last fall.

A work session scheduled for Friday, June 6, allows Assembly members to pose technical questions for the administration to research in preparation for a planned public hearing on Tuesday, June 24.  Here are the questions I intend to ask:

1. The proposed ordinance would extend the exemption from testing for new vehicles from four to six years (meaning a vehicle purchased in 2010 would be first tested for its 2016 registration renewal).  How would extending that exemption to eight years affect overall emissions?

2. My understanding is that fees from IM testing not only pay for the program but also pay for the Municipality of Anchorage’s Air Quality Program, which ensures compliance with the federal Clean Air Act.  If the IM testing program does terminate, what is the proposed fund source for continued compliance activities?

3. Do you have any information on the percentage of vehicles used by commuters from outside the Municipality of Anchorage that are tested under the existing program?

4. Are there other emissions-testing technologies available that could reduce the time and cost of the current program?

5. Other than carbon monoxide, what other emissions are currently regulated or under consideration for regulation by the EPA or other agencies?  In other words, can the existing program be adapted to ensure compliance with anticipated future regulatory requirements?

I’ve communicated with dozens of folks on both sides of this issue and welcome additional questions, comments and concerns.  I expect a vigorous debate!



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  1. IM testing is popular with the public — isn’t its approval rating around two thirds? i can say from bike riding year round that at certain times in the winter when there are inversions, when riding through low-lying areas such as the chester creek greenbelt, i can really smell all of the car exhaust. IM testing seems like the minimum standard we should apply, and more aggressive measures such as are being deployed by the state of california might be appropriate, too. i think people understand this is a situation where public health overrides convenience and cost savings. to avoid the criticism that the municipal government is just using this as a revenue generator, think about reducing the fees and look for efficiencies in the process.

    Comment: clark – 10. June 2008 @ 9:47 am

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