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Fifth inning results

Thanks to everyone who participated in the fifth inning of Assembly insider baseball, though I was surprised at the weak performance of respondents.  I guess Assembly goings-on are sufficiently uninteresting that many of you have lost track!  But, without further ado, here’s the answers:

(And, for those of you who missed it, here are the questions.)

  1. I enjoyed my lunch at the White Spot, a venerable downtown eatery, with my friend Ernie Hall.  I was surprised when he mentioned Dan Coffey’s interest in running for the mayor’s office.
  2. As a South Anchorage Assembly member Jennifer Johnston has dealt with snow dumps more than a few times.  Because this legislation provides for only indirect public notice and a seven-day comment period, it’s entirely likely adjacent land-owners will be surprised and upset in the coming months.
  3. The taunt didn’t stop him, Paul Honeman wears a mustache to this day!
  4. I’ve never asked Elvi Gray-Jackson how much she saved by traveling abroad for her procedure, but at least she got to visit Costa Rica!
  5. New state legislative districts for the 2012 election created an open Anchorage state senate seat (unless the Supreme Court ruling changes things dramatically) that Representative Berta Gardner is pursuing.  That move leaves her House seat open, and Harriet Drummond is aiming for that opening.
  6. As I type I’m on the verge of my third trip to Walnut Creek in the past calendar year.  It’s a nice enough place, and the BART is a great transportation system, but I always miss my family and my hometown when I’m gone.
  7. While Debbie Ossiander is happy to have her daughter back in Alaska, she’s concerned that she hasn’t found a job with her advanced to degree so Debbie has asked her colleagues if we have any leads.
  8. I almost felt sorry for Adam Trombley getting whipsawed by the administration, but I’ve seen my fair share of this behavior…
  9. I don’t recall which Eagle River restaurant, or even if a COI was ultimately declared, but Bill Starr did let everyone know about his daughter’s job.
  10. He used a cane for several months, and Dick Traini reports the medics from his neighborhood fire station took good care of him during his recent emergency.
  11. Some folks know Chris Birch left NANA last year.  As a volunteer fundraiser for the United Way I talked to him about his plans and he explained he’d make a smaller contribution.

So there you have it.  Thanks again for playing, and feel free to pass along ideas for our sixth inning, whenever that may be!



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  1. Thanks. happy easter… gary

    Comment: gary miller – 08. April 2012 @ 11:13 am

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