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Insider baseball, fifth inning edition

It’s been a long time since our last edition of Assembly insider baseball, the quiz where random factoids test even the most ardent followers of matters municipal, but with spring training underway there’s no time like the present!

Guessers can e-mail me their best efforts at matching the Assembly member to the fact and the winner will receive an oblique mention once I publish the results.  And, as always, no apologies if the clues seem to point in multiple directions!  Here we go:

  1. This colleague surprised me with the claim that my former colleague, Dan Coffey, is interested in running for mayor in 2015!
  2. During a recent vote authorizing a very, very streamlined process for temporary snow dumps one Assembly member quietly muttered, “This one’s going to come back and bite us.”
  3. As a young man, this Assembly member was reportedly asked about growing a baseball game on his upper lip.  Upon expressing confusion, his protagonist noted he had nine (hairs) on one side and nine on the other.
  4. One of my colleagues recently became the first “medical tourist” I’ve ever known personally when they traveled to Costa Rica for a dental procedure.
  5. Most everyone knows an Assembly member is running for mayor, but do you know which one is running for the state house of representatives?
  6. Due to recent travels, this member knows first-hand that it takes about one hour to take the BART from San Francisco’s airport to the suburb of Walnut Creek.
  7. Another Assembly member has a daughter who recently earned her PhD in Oceanography.
  8. Anyone know which Assembly member was told by the mayor that he supported their proposed ordinance, only to have that position reversed after the city manager weighed in?
  9. We Assembly folk take our potential conflicts of interest seriously – one member declared a potential COI when the liquor license of an establishment where their daughter works part time came up for renewal.
  10. We’re still not sure what happened, but one Assembly member passed out and fell at home a couple months ago and had to attend a subsequent meeting by phone.
  11. Our final Assembly member was among four who were high-level donors to the United Way in 2010.  Due to job dislocation their 2011 contribution was expected to be lower…

So there you have it – best of luck and we’ll see you ’round the horn!




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