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Highway to highway

Saturday, 26. July 2008 by Patrick Flynn

While I’m a big fan of mass and non-motorized transit, and well known for my skepticism of the Knik Arm Bridge project, there is a road project for which I have high hopes – the Seward Highway to Glenn Highway Connection, better known as the highway to highway project. (more…)

Downtown parking

Saturday, 19. July 2008 by Patrick Flynn

Today’s article in the local paper about a potential new development at Sixth Avenue & E Street that would occupy an existing parking lot prodded me to write about downtown parking.


Homeless migration

Saturday, 12. July 2008 by Patrick Flynn

As a kid growing up in Anchorage, one of the first sights from the train as it headed north out of town along Ship Creek was a large homeless camp at the base of the bluff near the old Alaska Native Medical Center.  Today ANMC is located on Tudor Road near Campbell Creek and that homeless camp location is an RV park – still transient housing, just more expensive. (more…)

Why I support I/M testing

Sunday, 06. July 2008 by Patrick Flynn

In my brief tenure on the Anchorage Assembly the topic which has generated the most correspondence from neighbors near and far is whether to continue or cut Anchorage’s Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance, or I/M, program.  Those opposed to the program cite improved automotive technology and the lack of recent carbon monoxide (CO) violations of Clean Air Act standards, while supporters note the importance of testing as part of our successful Air Quality Program.  I’ve had numerous conversations with folks about the matter so I think it best to explain why I support continued I/M testing. (more…)

Downtown districts

Friday, 04. July 2008 by Patrick Flynn

Most folks are familiar with SoNo, the area south of Nordstrom along D Street that features trendy places to shop and meet.  On Thursday, July 3, the area received unique street signs that designate the area as the SoNo District.  Mayor Begich was kind enough to invite me to the unveiling of the new signage, which includes a total of four districts.  Besides SoNo they are: (more…)


Wednesday, 02. July 2008 by Patrick Flynn

There’s an old saw about Anchorage having two seasons: winter and road construction.  Given our record snowfall in April of this year and the number of detours around town this summer, the old saw may be truer than ever!  And while we all understand that cold weather makes construction more difficult thus necessitating all the activity in our warmer months, the side effects can be frustrating – especially noise, an issue I’ve worked on for years. (more…)



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