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Marvelous Mat-Su

Monday, 19. July 2010 by Patrick Flynn

For only the second time during my tenure on the Assembly, this afternoon we conducted a joint work session with our colleagues on the Mat-Su Borough Assembly.  The meeting, which was open to the public, occurred at a very nice B&B off Fairview Loop Road (just a little southeast of Wasilla).  And, since a neighbor called today to say he couldn’t make the meeting but was interested in a report of the proceedings, here’s a quick synopsis of what we discussed:

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Arena acrimony

Friday, 02. July 2010 by Patrick Flynn

Visitors to Anchorage often comment on the remarkable array of public facilities our community enjoys.  Be it parks, the airport or venues like the Dena’ina Convention Center and Sullivan Arena, I don’t know of any similarly sized city that enjoys such a terrific collection of public opportunities.  But, to paraphrase an old saying, with great opportunity comes the potential for great conflict.


Odds & ends, yet again

Sunday, 11. April 2010 by Patrick Flynn

Here we go, another set of generally disjointed topics jumbled together and called a blog entry…


Third inning results

Tuesday, 06. April 2010 by Patrick Flynn

Thanks to all those who participated in the third edition of Assembly insider baseball!  Amongst the many great guesses the results ended up in a three-way tie between a member of the fourth estate, a former municipal employee and someone required to follow Assembly activities far too closely.  They all nailed seven of the 12 questions.  Here’s the inside scoop: (more…)

Matters of (the George Sullivan) Trust

Saturday, 03. April 2010 by Patrick Flynn

It’s been over a week since the Assembly received a report from the Department of Law addressing some of the issues regarding the life insurance policy benefiting former Mayor George Sullivan’s trust.  We’ve also received an advisory opinion from the Board of Ethics concluding that current Mayor Dan Sullivan erred in not disclosing his position as trustee, something that was not made known until after Assembly action on disbursal of the funds in question.  And at our next meeting we’ll take up Harriet Drummond’s proposal to seek external legal advice on the matter.


Another way to build jobs

Sunday, 28. March 2010 by Patrick Flynn

In Alaska discussions about economic development almost always revolve around natural resources – oil & gas, timber, mining, tourism, fishing and the like.  As someone who grew up as our state transformed from among the poorest to among the richest in the United States I can certainly understand why.  After all, if something has worked for more than 30 years and provided tremendous benefits to our state why change course?


Insider baseball, third inning

Sunday, 14. March 2010 by Patrick Flynn

Today I have two exciting developments to announce.  First, the web gremlins inform me that e-mail notification of new blog postings is again working (presuming I remember to click the right box, we’ll test that with this post).  Second, and more importantly, it’s time for our third installment of Assembly insider baseball!


Easy does it

Friday, 05. March 2010 by Patrick Flynn

As I mentioned in my previous post, we’ve scheduled an extra meeting for March 16 to address a few issues for which we lacked time earlier this week.  One of those, low-priority signal preemption for buses, got me in a little hot water with the administration.


Flying by

Friday, 12. February 2010 by Patrick Flynn

Growth in the Anchorage’s air cargo industry has been a tremendous boon to our local economy so it was bad news earlier this week when UPS announced it would begin furloughing pilots.  There are quite a few pilots for UPS and FedEx “domiciled” in Anchorage and, while not every one of those pilots actually make their homes here, quite a few do.  But while it’s reasonable to shake our heads in frustration at effects of the global economic downturn on our local economy, it’s better to focus on factors closer to home that negatively affect us.


Odds & ends, again

Saturday, 30. January 2010 by Patrick Flynn

I was out of town most of the preceding week and monitoring voice- and e-mail from the road.  Here’s a sampling of what I learned from those communications: (more…)



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