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Third inning results

Thanks to all those who participated in the third edition of Assembly insider baseball!  Amongst the many great guesses the results ended up in a three-way tie between a member of the fourth estate, a former municipal employee and someone required to follow Assembly activities far too closely.  They all nailed seven of the 12 questions.  Here’s the inside scoop:

  1. As a part owner of the Alaska Aces, inserting himself the conflict between the Great Alaska Sportsman Show and Anchorage’s professional hockey team’s playoff schedule (both seek to use the Sullivan Arena on the same dates) would represent a conflict of interest for the retiring Dan Coffey.  That might explain his partner, Terry Parks, encouraging folks to contact the mayor’s office.
  2. Despite being opponents in the 2008 election, Elvi Gray-Jackson endorsed Dick Traini’s bid to re-join the Assembly.
  3. After traveling to Beijing in 2008 and Vancouver in 2010, I suspect Mike Gutierrez will head for London in 2012.  He may or may not want to, but his wife will likely insist!
  4. Having sold his interest in another local business a couple years ago, Bill Starr is now investing in other projects.
  5. You may recall my noting Debbie Ossiander had purchased a lot with an old structure with the intent of building on the site.  The new equipment will assist her (or other family members) in removing the old structure.
  6. If I understand correctly, Harriet Drummond’s husband was the late mayor’s brother.
  7. While Chris Birch and I get along just fine, the combination of his day job and family obligations have prevented him from performing much in-depth Assembly work.  I couldn’t have taken on the chair’s duties while still working full time and it’s hard to see how Chris could effectively do so; Chris’ fellow conservatives have made similar observations.
  8. This one’s me; as I write this on March 14 my wife could go into labor at any moment.  For that reason I canceled a trip to Juneau on March 8 and tell folks if I don’t show up as scheduled somewhere it’s because I’m at Providence hospital.  [update]  As you may have heard, my wife gave birth early on April 5 so I’m a little tired right now… [/update]
  9. With Con Bunde retiring from the Alaska State Senate, Jennifer Johnston is mulling a bid for his vacant seat.
  10. In the small world category Matt Claman’s campaign manger is dating Molly Haigh, a Fairbanks native and state director for Reform Immigration for America.  Matt referred Molly to Jennifer Johnston, who referred her to me.
  11. Given speculation in the blogosphere that Dan Sullivan is planning to challenge Mark Begich in a 2014 Senate race, I suspect the mayor informed me that he didn’t intend to seek another elective office in an effort to address his administration’s continuing interest in the former mayor’s fiscal management.
  12. As an instructor at UAA, Dr. Sheila Selkregg has students interested in a variety of public policy questions.  She has asked for Assembly suggestions of topics those students could research and report upon.

There you have it.  Thanks again to all those who participated and feel free to send ideas for future editions of Assembly insider baseball!



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