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Neighborhood challenge!

I know, the holidays are here, you’re either receiving or visiting family and the last thing in the world you could possibly need is something else to do, right?  But this one’s kind of fun – here’s how my neighbor put it (as slightly abridged by yours truly):


I live in your Assembly district and worked with some other technologists to launch Anchorage Adopt-a-hydrant.
The premise is you create an account, choose a hydrant close to your house, and just keep it clear of snow for the winter.
Anchorage took part in a campaign called Race for Reuse and we just found out today that we were one of two Grand Prize winners in the whole country.  And here are an ADN write up and Facebook page.
What I was hoping was if it was possible for the Assembly to have a friendly competition to see how many people they can get each of their districts to sign up by January 29th and announce a winner. I am open to other suggestions on deadlines or other ideas.  We have over 130 hydrants adopted so far.
Thanks for all your hard work,

So what the heck – let’s do it!  And, because my district is the smallest it’s only fair to give us a head start so you get to know now – I’ll tell my colleagues about the contest at our Tuesday meeting.



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  1. I’ve got two!! I name them after former students 8>)

    Comment: Andy H – 16. December 2012 @ 10:52 am

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