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From time to time we receive an “Assembly Information Memorandum” from the administration containing – wait for it – information the administration wants or has to convey to us.  At our Tuesday meeting AIM 94-2009 listed various recent executive appointments along with their salaries.  Most notable was former Assembly member, state legislator and Burger King honcho Larry Baker’s hire as a “Senior Policy Advisor” earning a whopping $0 (I really didn’t think about that pun until after I typed it, sorry).  Given Mr. Baker’s experience that’s a darn good deal – even Erskine Bowles charged the federal government $1 for his labors.  Anyhow, several of us lauded his sense of public service but I couldn’t help teasing that I hoped he wouldn’t be negotiating on behalf of the Assembly!

Speaking of low-paid public servants, whomever suggested changing the name of the mayor’s “Diversity and Awards” banquet to the “Unity and Awards” banquet (I kid you not, see more here) should probably be earning the same salary as Mr. Baker.  Those smarting from the mayor’s equal rights ordinance veto wasted little time in launching a competing “Real Diversity Dinner” the same time and date.  Frankly I hadn’t planned on attending the mayor’s event – Lynn Swann is the featured speaker and I’m ambivalent about both the Pittsburgh Steelers and Mr. Swann’s failed bid for Pennsylvania governor – but I’m leaning toward dropping by the new event.  Oh, and Mr. Mayor, the next time whoever suggested the above idea pats you on the back, you might want to check for a “kick me” sign (hope it wasn’t Larry).

You’ve likely read about a proposal to compel public hearings on spending reductions.  I’m not so sure about that one, rather I think an aforementioned AIM explaining what was cut and why it was executed would be more appropriate.  Then any Assembly member with concerns or questions could offer them at the meeting where we officially receive the report.  That, and interested parties would have an official record to follow.

I received an e-mail expressing concern that the Federation of Community Councils is, once again, trying to reduce the use of “snail-mail” to deliver community council newsletters and meeting notices in order to save money.  Since I represent portions of Anchorage where e-mail use tends to be sparse I don’t much care for the idea.  Further, despite my asking for help, FCC still doesn’t have me on any of the e-mail lists for the community councils I represent, but does have me on the list for at least one I don’t.  That got me thinking that perhaps FCC should stick to snail mail only but, to be fair, it appears they have a new e-mail utility so I’ll try to fix the problem again…

That’s probably enough for now.



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  1. Pat………Thank you for taking time to do this. I appreciate being informed
    and hearing your viewpoints. With the Railroad cutbacks, will your position
    be OK ? Karen

    Comment: Karen Cameron – 17. September 2009 @ 5:20 pm

  2. Nice blog, Patrick, to cover a difficult time filled with difficult decisions. I so look forward to the days ahead…still distant, but ahead… when Alaskans and Americans will be looking to more growth in business than decline. The RR lost many talented people today.

    Comment: Julie Saupe – 22. September 2009 @ 4:49 pm

  3. Patrick-I really appreciate your comments regarding snail mail Community Council newsletters. Fairview and Mountain View, which you represent, don’t have the high rate of computer ownership of other Anchorage neighborhoods.

    I do hope you stop by the Unity Dinner. I embrace and celebrate Diversity 365 days a year. However, I “get” the intent of the Unity Dinner. I appreciate that Mayor Sullivan wants to cap off a month long celebration of Diversity with a dinner that celebrates the comman humanity which unites us.

    Also, I appreciate that the dinner raises funds for Mayor’s Diversity/United Way, which is used to help fund a wide-range of Diversity events and celebrations in Anchorage througout the year. Many community groups would not be able to put on their events without this financial assist.

    Thanks for your contributions to making Anchorage a better place to live, and I hope you join me Friday evening in helping to celebrate Divesity and the common humanity that Unites all of us (as well as raising money for community diversity events).

    Comment: Darrel Hess – 23. September 2009 @ 9:44 pm

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