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Alaska political theory holds that summer is the quiet time of year.  The legislature isn’t in session (unless there’s a “special” one), any campaigning is usually pretty quiet, and Alaskans tend to pursue other activities like fishing, hiking and gardening.  While that theory may hold true in other years it certainly isn’t the case during this one!  So, in addition to all the other things I’ve written about or you’ve seen in the local media, here’s a few more items percolating away:

  • The annual Fairview block party takes place on Saturday, July 18.  Food, entertainment and music will all be available from 11 am to 3 pm at the Fairview Lions Park, located at 8th & Karluk.  If the weather turns bad the fun simply migrates one block south to the Fairview Recreation Center – be sure to drop by!
  • Residents living on 13th Avenue between E & I streets are trying to get speed humps installed.  Last summer they successfully petitioned to have the temporary versions in place and were on the list for a permanent fix this summer.  Budget cuts have stalled the work so they’re exploring the idea of passing the hat to generate the necessary funds but the Traffic department is apparently resisting that approach.  We’ll see how that turns out…
  • My friends at KABATA kindly included yours truly in their law suit seeking, apparently, to extinguish any doubt that their version of the public process includes only outcomes they endorse.  Not surprisingly, I’m now hearing rumors that some state officials are exploring the idea of moving the Knik Arm Crossing project back in house, under DOT‘s purview.  That, of course, would require either legislative or administrative dismantling of KABATA.
  • Another neighborhood inquiry is trying to ascertain when, or if, a fire hydrant destroyed during snow removal two winters ago will finally be replaced this summer.  Looking into the matter revealed an interesting point.  According to Fire Chief Goodrich:

“Hydrants are owned and maintained by AWWU, though we do pay them $3.5+ million annually for maintenance of the system.”

  • I received a call from a member of the Anchorage Home Builders Association.  They’re planning a non-partisan campaign training workshop for some time in late October.  If you’re interested in running for state or local office, or working on a campaign, I’d suggest keeping an eye out for this one.  Fair warning, however, I attended my first such workshop in the summer of 1994 and look what happened to me!
  • And, finally, I’ve heard from other folks concerned about homeless congregating at a park bench and harassing nearby residents, loud tenants in public housing and a variety of other matters. 

Each of these issues – and there are plenty more – provide further insight into the goings-on in our community so keep them coming!



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