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I’m Patrick Flynn, and I have the honor of serving on the Anchorage Assembly, representing the neighborhoods of Downtown, Fairview, Government Hill, Mountain View and South Addition.  I was first elected and sworn in back in April and my predecessor, Allan Tesche, was well known for his blog.  In fact, I was surprised to find that, during the course of my campaign, several people specifically mentioned the subject and asked if I would carry on the tradition.  Because I consider providing information part of my job, I agreed that establishing my own blog was a good idea but noted I was unlikely to be as entertaining as Allan.

So, with that, away we go!  I’ve got a few topics in mind already, matters about which I’ve heard from neighbors, and hope to have them posted soon.  Please send your ideas, thoughts and comments and I’ll do my best to incorporate them into the conversational thread.  Bear in mind that I prefer thoughtful, respectful dialogue and may choose to delete posts that resemble personal attacks more than reasoned debate.



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  1. I’m delighted that Patrick has decided to carry on the fine tradition of blogging from the downtown Assembly seat. Although it’s a fair amount of work, the rewards are many, especially for readers who used to follow the Anchorage Assembly in the Anchorage Daily News. Like my own blog, Patrick’s will fill the void and provide us all with a way to keep up on City Hall.

    Allan Tesche

    Comment: Allan Tesche – 07. June 2008 @ 5:14 am

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