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A long night (one of many?)

We’re now in the fourth of an expected five hours of public testimony on the ordinance that provide equal rights based on sexual orientation.  For the most part things have been respectful, though not entirely, and there’s been a fair amount of crowd noise from the masses outside.  If there’s a surprise twist it’s that a significant number of people appear to have driven in from the Mat-Su Valley to join in the debate (by invitation, it seems).

I do not expect us to vote tonight, and it make take a couple more weeks to allow sufficient time for all those who wish to speak to have the opportunity before taking final action.  Further, several Assembly members are discussing further amendments that might assuage several vocal opponents of the ordinance.  Keep watching, there’s more to come.



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  1. Fear mongering is good business it seems, very good business. Pat, I don’t expect you will give into the tyrants who would use peoples irrational fears to justify repression and oppression, or the codification of descrimination based on religious values. It is tough standing up to bullies, especially when they claim to know the mind of God and stand in judgement on his behalf. It may be foolish to stand up against a mob of fanatics some times, but that is the type of foolishness leaders of reason and courage must risk to promote the cause of freedom.
    I agree that compared to the tragedy of the Holocaust or human slavery, Gay and Lesbian rights to equal treatment seem a small matter but is there not some correllation to be drawn here. How important is it that we treat our fellows as we would have them treat us, even in these small things? I would argue that it is vitally important.

    Comment: Paul – 09. June 2009 @ 11:55 pm

  2. don’t let it get watered down with amendments.
    the vocal opponents are on the wrong side of the issue.

    Comment: clark – 11. June 2009 @ 10:02 am

  3. Apparently you posted this while someone was talking as there were no breaks in the last two hours of testimony. It is so obvious just from observing who on the Assembly is listening and who is not.

    Comment: Deanna – 18. June 2009 @ 8:56 am

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