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Those of you who read the Anchorage Press are likely aware that the Alaska Press Club‘s 2009 “J-Week” is underway.  The event, which brings together media folks from throughout Alaska to discuss the state of their industry and the trends affecting them, continues through Sunday.  Among the events was a small Friday night party at the Press headquarters on Fifth Avenue to which I received an invitation (clearly a crossed wire on the electronic guest list).

I had planned to be out of town but the Angry Fire God residing in Mount Redoubt had other ideas so I dropped by for a little bit.  The room was buzzing about the increased role of blogging, especially by non-media sources, as an information source.  This was magnified by Representative Mike Doogan‘s Friday newsletter, which named the previously anonymous “mudflats” blogger, author of a left-leaning blog that I am told has the highest traffic levels of any blog in Alaska.  Liberal activists seem to be increasingly incensed by things said and done by Rep. Doogan and are purportedly searching for someone to challenge him in the 2010 Democratic primary.

Another interesting tidbit was gleaned from Michael Carey, formerly of the Anchorage Daily News and now host of KAKM‘s weekly public affairs program “Anchorage Edition.”  Because the show tapes Friday afternoons I half-kiddingly inquired as to whether I’d made the program this week.  He replied no, that the program had become something of an “all Palin, all the time” outlet.  (Editor’s note, I watched the episode later and it did discuss several other topics.)  He further noted that ADN’s web site traffic picks up considerably whenever an article including Governor Palin is posted, and I wondered how that affects assignment editors‘ decision-making.  An interesting juxtaposition to that level of focus came from a reporter of the Valdez Star, who noted the sense of exhaustion about the Exxon Valdez among residents of her community – even with the recent 20th anniversary of that disaster many folks just didn’t want to talk about it anymore.  Finally, I enjoyed listening to local pollster Ivan Moore offer his prediction for the upcoming mayoral election.

Alas, a blabbermouth politician in the presence of a sea of Fourth Estate members, combined with a fair amount of beer & wine, seemed a recipe for disaster so I left relatively early.  I’m pretty sure the true highlights of the party occurred following my departure.



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