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Old Native Hospital rezone withdrawn

With the Downtown, Mountain View and Fairview community councils all opposing the proposed re-zone of the old Native Hospital site (see more information below), the Heritage Land Bank decided to indefinitely postpone their application.  An excerpt from HLB Executive Director Bill Mehner’s e-mail to Planning Director Tom Nelson appears below.

Per our discussion I would like to request an indefinite postponement of our rezone application and request it be so noted for the P&Z agenda scheduled for the 25th of June. Thank you . . .
In talking to Mr. Mehner this morning I suggested that future proposals for this property include discussions with the surrounding neighborhoods prior to developing a plan, thereby affording strong community input.  He seemed to think that was a good idea so I look forward to that process if and when it occurs!
To read the Anchorage Daily News account, click here.
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