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How will property taxes be affected by the economy?

Friday, 26. September 2008 by Patrick Flynn

If you read the paper, watch the television news, listen to the radio or check the internet you’ve inevitably read about plunging property values around the country. In the past couple weeks I’ve heard from some folks wondering whether their property taxes will go down. While I try to avoid equivocation the answer, in this case, is a definite “maybe.”


Getting people involved

Saturday, 20. September 2008 by Patrick Flynn

My decision to request a new evaluation of the proposed Knik Arm Crossing generated quite a bit of interest in the local paper, which published two different stories and an editorial. The local television station also covered the issue twice, and an AP writer did a piece from a broader perspective. But what does it all mean?


Time to move

Friday, 12. September 2008 by Patrick Flynn

Regular visitors to this site have reviewed my previous posts regarding the Knik Arm Bridge and Toll Authority‘s (KABATA) plans to construct a Knik Arm Crossing. To summarize the discussion, I do not oppose a crossing at some point but I do not support the span proposed by KABATA and I do not feel this is the time to build this bridge.


Library Renewal Initiative

Tuesday, 09. September 2008 by Patrick Flynn

Among my many great memories of growing up in Anchorage are visits to the old ZJ Loussac library downtown, where Sixth Avenue Outfitters is today. Earlier today I joined Mayor Begich and Library Director Karen Keller in releasing an ISER study detailing the economic benefits provided by our public library system, which is as good an opportunity as any to talk about a fantastic community initiative.


What’s up at Westchester?

Saturday, 06. September 2008 by Patrick Flynn

A recent story aired by Channel 2 news about the fish-passage project at Westchester Lagoon reminded me of the interesting ways in which paths can repeatedly intersect with one another. Put another way, this project has followed me around like a bad penny.




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