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Transit progress

Saturday, 30. August 2008 by Patrick Flynn

After reviewing Anchorage’s Bike Plan a visitor to this site asked how some of the improvements might be funded. There are several options, of course, and I’ve asked municipal officials to prioritize policy changes we can address as well projects for which we can seek funding. (I made the same request for the Anchorage Pedestrian Plan.) I intend to use those priorities as we promulgate Anchorage’s legislative program this fall, but state funding isn’t the only place from which we can find dollars to fund these important improvements.


Electric consolidation

Friday, 22. August 2008 by Patrick Flynn

The previously mentioned proposal for ML&P and CEA to jointly build a 200+ megawatt, natural gas-fired power plant near Minnesota and International won approval Tuesday night, but it was not a unanimous decision. The local paper had a brief article on the subject Thursday.


Power play

Wednesday, 13. August 2008 by Patrick Flynn

As I wrote previously, the Assembly is considering a proposal for Municipal Light & Power and Chugach Electric Association to jointly construct a new gas-fired power plant near International Airport Road and Minnesota Boulevard. That ordinance was before us last night (Tuesday, August 12) and action was delayed a week when questions from local developer Marc Marlow surfaced in the days leading up to the meeting. More specifically, he sent his list to all Assembly members on Monday, August 11, and apparently spoke with some of my colleagues on Saturday and Sunday.


Stalling for time?

Wednesday, 06. August 2008 by Patrick Flynn

One of the interesting aspects of conspiracy theories is that they don’t need to rely on a logical fact string, merely to string together various facts to support the theory. I’ve often found that information vacuums lead to such theories and therefore try to fill such voids as quickly as possible. Right now, however, I’ve stumbled into my own abyss and can’t help but wonder what the real truth might be.



Friday, 01. August 2008 by Patrick Flynn

An ADN editorial about the transit resolution I sponsored, which asked the legislature to consider using surplus revenues to boost transit resources thereby reducing energy consumption, marked the first of what I expect to multiple forays into energy-related topics during my tenure on the Assembly. The next one relates to how we generate electricity for Anchorage in the most cost-effective manner.




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